Visual merchandising, special event, exhibit and theatrical set and stage designers can more quickly and affordably create themed environments for trade show, exhibit and retail store floor and window displays with our selection of the most popular faux, fake and artificial tree bark, wood and masonry brick, rock and stone panels with a 10-panel minimum per order

Durable, lightweight and realistically detailed, our high-density panels can be installed temporarily or permanently indoors or outdoors and are the easiest and most cost-effective way to duplicate what construction crews take days or weeks to accomplish!

(Did you know that stone masonry contractors typically charge anywhere from $65 to $100 per hour, plus the cost of materials?

Faux Panels Molded From The Real Material!
Molds for the faux, fake and artificial tree bark, wood and masonry brick, rock and stone panels are meticulously taken from the real thing so visual merchandisers are guaranteed a finished product that looks lifelike...even from inches away.

The latest technology is used to spray an industrial-grade, UV-protected structural polyurethane composite--the same material used for high-impact bumpers in the automotive industry and a variety of other common durable products--into the molds to capture the original surface detail and to create exact replicas that are approx. 1/4" thick with certain styles up to 2-3 inches thick.
  Our faux panels are pre-painted or faux finished according to your color choice and won't chip, crack, break or wear down due to the elements. Because they're made from a 98% closed-cell polyurethane, they are waterproof. They have a high R-4.5 per-inch-of-thickness insulation value (ideal for noise reduction), are extremely impact resistant and are one of the most durable products on the market today.

Easy-To-Install For Visual Merchandising Projects

Our masonry panels have a staggered design, so each section easily interlocks for seamless installation. All the panels can be screwed, stapled or glued with adhesive to any surface.

Visual merchandisers who need our panels to be custom-cut and/or pre-mounted on a desired backing for easy hanging or installation in multiple location retail store environments should contact us to discuss their needs and get a quote.

Flexible And Semi-Rigid Formats Available
Depending on where they will be used, we can customize the panels to be flexible or semi-rigid and all panels are available with fire-resistant Class A material construction for a 5% surcharge. Contact us for details on shipping and cost.