Answers To Common Questions About Our Artificial, Faux, Fake Prop Rocks
Here are questions that are commonly asked about our lifelike fake rocks which are popular back-to-nature props with visual merchandising professionals, special and mobile event planners, and retail, exhibit and trade show display designers for temporary, permanent, indoor and outdoor themed environment projects.

expand How long does it take to receive a DuraRock™ prop order?

We typically ship smaller sized DuraRocks™ via FedEx Ground within one or two days of receiving an order on a Mon.-Fri. schedule. Most customers receive their order within 4-7 business days depending on where they're located in the country.

The larger DuraRock™ prop models LB2103, LB2104 and LB21114 ship by common carrier so an additional day is normally required to make an appointment with the freight company to pick them up before they're shipped to our customers' doorsteps.

expand How are the DuraRock™ prop rocks manufactured and shipped?

Textures for our prop rock molds have been meticulously taken from actual boulders found in nature so our customers are guaranteed a finished product that customers say looks incredibly similar to the real thing.

Hollow and open at the bottom, the DuraRock™ props rocks are manufactured in the USA from a 100% recyclable industrial-grade, 1/4"-thick high-density polyethylene composite. The DuraRock™ formula is integrally enhanced with a unique blend of gritty crushed mineral stone for a dramatically more realistic appearance than fake rocks made in the past from smooth fiberglass that shines unnaturally.

DuraRocks™ are extremely lightweight and can nest within themselves for easier and more cost-effective shipping to a central distribution warehouse for a nationwide roll-out. They can also be drop-shipped individually or in sets to multiple retail locations via FedEx Ground or common carrier, usually within two weeks of being ordered (longer for large quantity orders).

103, LB2104 and LB2114 which ship on a pallet via common carrier) and usually arrive within two weeks of being ordered.

expand Do you have a product return policy for your DuraRocks™?

Measure the item you want to conceal carefully and accurately since our DuraRocks™ cannot be returned unless damaged in shipping. In the unlikely event this occurs, and the claim is confirmed after the rock's inspection by FedEx Ground or a freight company representative, it will be replaced immediately with an identical model.

Contact us if you need to confirm whether a specific DuraRock™ model will hide your object.

expand How durable and strong are the DuraRocks™ in a retail store environment?

Our DuraRock™ products are ideal for both indoor and outdoor displays or exhibits and are designed to withstand 250 lbs. of weight. They're guaranteed to endure the rigors of retail traffic, including the inevitable touching, feeling and even kicking from curious passersby.

expand How many different models are in the DuraRock™ prop rock collection?

There are 12 styles of DuraRocks™ ranging from small, medium and large models. We also have 20 models of cast stone rocks, five Estate Boulders and three styles of tree stumps (all available in cast stone or lightweight polyurethane), and 10 models of of prop rocks and boulders in polyurethane only.

expand What is the purpose of the flanges at the DuraRocks™ bases?

Depending on the size of the model, each prop rock features flanges with individual holes in two or three locations at the base. Designed for staking down the DuraRocks™ when used for displays outdoors, the flanges blend in with the boulders so well that they likely won't be noticed when placed indoors where this kind of extra security isn't needed.

Visual merchandisers, designers or photographers who want to hide these flanges if being viewed up-close can do so with gravel, wood chips, fake snow, mulch or other appropriate material that fits within their theme.

expand What choice of natural colors are available?

The DuraRock™ prop rocks are available in River Rock (the most popular) and Light Gray Rock colors that can't be scratched, chipped or peeled off. We have the ability to offer custom colors for large quantity orders only. It's important to remember the DuraRock™ formula is integrally enhanced with a unique blend of gritty crushed mineral stone for a dramatically more realistic appearance than fake prop rocks made in the past from smooth fiberglass that shines unnaturally.

expand Is there a manufacturer's product guarantee?

A 5-year, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is offered if the craftsmanship or material is found to be defective in any way (with the exception of incidents of vandalism or acts of God). Customers with a valid craftsmanship claim will receive an immediate replacement with an identical model once the product is returned and/or the claim confirmed.

expand Can logos, plaques or signs be mounted on the prop rocks?

Absolutely! Our design and fabrication group has the ability to create branded logos, signs or other images in a variety of materials that can be mounted directly on the face of any DuraRock™ depending on the desired purpose and effect. Visit our contact page to get in touch with us to discuss using our products as unique elements of your visual merchandising project.